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We will always reply to your e-mail within 24 hours - usually much more quickly. If you don't receive a reply from us, please check your spam folder (we check ours every 24 hours). Otherwise, please try again and/or give us a call on 077 59 504 110

The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House

Cavokay House

Marsh Lane





We will not spam you.

We absolutely hate being spammed by pushy sales emails and we will not inflict this on our couples.

When you send us an enquiry, we will answer the questions you've asked and send you our brochure. If you don't reply, we won't chase you.


We like to treat people with respect and we understand that perhaps you need more time to plan and decide. Or maybe we didn't fit your vision for your day after all.


Equally, if you visit our venue for a look around, you won't afterwards be receiving those irritating 'book now/limited time offer' emails.

Our view is that you know where we are and how to contact us. And if you want to book your wedding with us, you'll email us. You certainly don't want spammy emails from us.


And yes, we're sure all the business gurus out there will be horrified that we don't send follow up emails. Neither do we keep an email address list for newsletters and 'offers'.


Choosing your wedding venue is an emotional decision and, of course, budget plays a part.


But if you don't get the good vibes you won't book.

And no amount of spammy emails will change that.

Rustic barn wedding venue somerset dorset Barn-wedding-venue-Somerset-rural-rustic-marriage-ceremony-reception

Spam belongs in sandwiches, not in emails...


For information on The Old Milking Parlour's privacy policy, please see the privacy statement here

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